Hello, My name is Renee Alter.

To date, I have published 14 of my own books, and have helped other authors who have dreamed of getting a book published their entire lives fulfill this dream as well. 

When you go on the 'books' page, you'll see their book covers with links to their websites and Amazon pages. Some of the authors have given their testimonials on the Testimonials page as well.

Are you thinking about writing a memoir? They're my favorite kind of book and here's why:

No matter what challenges you have faced in life, there are many lessons to learn from them. You can either be stuck in your 'story,' or learn how to move forward with courage and faith. 

You can write your 'story' in a book, and let it live there while you move forward in life.

Whether you just have a few books printed for family and friends or share your story with the world, you can gain a significant amount of insight and wisdom through the writing process.

I personally found that while writing my 'story,' God-Spirit-Creator-Source, however you wish to refer to the maker of all things, spoke to me through my fingers. 

Because I wrote about each and every experience, I began to see that there were always 'miracles sandwiched in between the challenges.' 

I also learned how to reframe my thoughts (untwist my thinking) which enabled me to transform my life.

I have learned while on my journey that we are all created quite miraculously. From sperm to egg, a cluster of intelligent cells becomes a perfect human being... or a plant or an animal. We are birthed out of unconditional love. 

However, many of us are born into a world that does not nurture this love. (I was.) We begin to collect false beliefs about ourselves which affect everything we try to accomplish in life (or don't). 

What if you knew you were merely a caterpillar and the 'dark night of your soul' or 'the black hole' is equivalent to a cocoon? 

What if someone showed you that you are unlimited possibility as the butterfly you will become someday? 

Think about this.

Write your story.

When you are ready for the next step, contact me with the contact form on the right of this page.

P.S. The publishing industry has transformed from something that is mostly unattainable to something anyone can do should they have the desire. 

Whether it is a book you want to write for just your family members or one you want to share with the world, it is now possible. 

With print-on-demand, you no longer have to get boxes of books all at once which will collect dust. If you only want to print one, you can! (or one at a time). 

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